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Referral Model

About trium

trium is a remote patient monitoring (RPM) service provided by Alana Healthcare, a leader in Healthcare Management and Chronic Care Management Programs. trium is built on the concept of connecting a patient’s health on a daily basis with those that can most impact it - the patient and their physician.  By connecting these patients’ daily markers with one of our qualified health coaches, the patient becomes a better educated manager of their own health. 

We provide patients with the tools to help them monitor their health and a Health Coach who will work with them to help the manage it.

On a daily basis, the patient measures one or more selected health markers with the supplies device(s). We currently are offering blood pressure monitoring, pulse oximetry, and weight scales.

Remote Patient Monitoring


Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is the combination of monitoring devices (e.g. Blood Pressure, Pulse Oximetry, Scale, etc.…) and a digital platform that allows for those devices to be monitored remotely by a licensed clinician.

Medicare and most Medicare Advantage plans currently reimburse for both the collection of the data recorded by these devices on a monthly basis, and for the ongoing interaction (in 20-minute increments) throughout the month.

Connecting Patients and Physicians with Important Data


Throughout the month, the Health Coach reviews patient values and contacts them to discuss values and concerns, all while educating them on how to better manage their health and chronic condition(s).

If the patient is selected for the program by their physician, the patient’s information will be shared with that physician to ensure that both the patient and physician are on the same page in managing the patient’s health.

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