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Partnership Model

What We Do For The Practice

When your practice partners with Alana Healthcare to assist you with Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM):

  • You and your patients gain access to our trium platform, including the trium portal, the patient monitoring app, and all associated reporting

  • Our staff will act as an extension of your office for your patients with chronic diseases, including CHF and COPD.

  • Each patient will receive a Health Coach (one of our licensed clinicians) to assist them in managing their disease state, and educate them on how to improve their diet, exercise, medication adherence, etc. This will occur via ongoing interactions between our staff and your patients throughout the month.

  • The tracking and reporting of each patients' vitals using our remote patient monitoring devices.

What Does The Practice Do

On an ongoing basis, the practice will:

  • Enroll patients that are viewed as a match into RPM (typically at the end of a patient’s office visit)

  • Review and monitor the patient care plans and monthly activity reports that are received from the trium team.

  • Bill and collect from Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans for the RPM services that are delivered to your patients on a monthly basis.


Monthly Reporting

On a monthly basis, we will provide three sets of reports:

  • Individual Patient Report that details out all recorded vital signs and interactions with a patient throughout the month.

  • Summary Billing Reports that will allow your office to bill for all eligible interactions and events (which will be supported by documentation that links to the individual patient reports).

  • An Alana Invoice for the interactions that are eligible to be billed (Note – We do not invoice for an interaction that is not eligible to be billed due to inadequate time or the number of readings).


Medicare and most Medicare Advantage plans currently reimburse for both collecting the data recorded by these devices on a monthly basis and for the ongoing interaction (in 20-minute increments) throughout the month.


Impact on Practice Profit

We would expect a practice to make a profit of approximately $500 per patient annually:

What Practice Does
Monthly Reporting
Impact on Practice
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